thescream“Oh no, I’m nervous.”

“Why do I have to be nervous?”

Nothing seems to chase the nerves away. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises…Still that sickening feeling.

“My mouth loses control. I trip over words.” Check.
“My memorization goes out the window.” Check.
“I talk too much and say ridiculous things.”

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The Reward of the Work…

The reward of the work is what we become

Often when meeting men and women my own age who are not artists, I’m struck by how unimaginative they are. Their humor is often corny. Their insights shallow or cliche.

But why am I surprised? They haven’t lived in their imaginations. They haven’t been thinking deeply about the films they see. They haven’t been reading widely.

These men and women are often wealthy from success in their careers,

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Playing the Opposite

Are you forcing yourself to fill someone else's form?
As actors we often feel rushed. You get sides today for an audition tomorrow.
And consequently, play the most obvious thing on the page.

Unless we build a habit of considering something different.
This has often been called, “Playing the Opposite,” and, as you know,
it works well most of the time. Sometimes works astonishingly well.

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The emotion that drives the scene. It creates a forward momentum, under the dialogue and Cover Behavior.