Robert McCaskill, Film Director

Rob McCaskill, on set of his feature film, “Detours” starring Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta.

I will help you identify problems that other teachers have missed. I will articulate those problems for you, so that you can get a handle on them, and I will suggest new ways to overcome them. I’ve never seen an actor top out. Any actor who continues to focus attention on acquiring new skills will become a better actor. Your talent is bottomless. It will continue to bloom when you add new understanding and bring the growth you’ve found as a person into your work as an actor.

– Robert McCaskill

What Actors Are Saying:

Rob coached me on two recent auditions, one stage and one film: and I booked them both! He has a calm and insightful way of letting you find yourself in the material, so you leave with something you can hang on to and grow. He has a rare and special talent.
– Michael McKenzie, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist and The Man Who Came to Dinner on Broadway.

Coaching is offered in person and through Skype for actors on set or working in other markets.

Celebrity Rate: $250.00 per hour

Working Actor Rate: $100.00 per hour

Struggling Actor Rate: $80.00 per hour