Playing the Opposite

Are you forcing yourself to fill someone else's form?
As actors we often feel rushed. You get sides today for an audition tomorrow.
And consequently, play the most obvious thing on the page.

Unless we build a habit of considering something different.
This has often been called, “Playing the Opposite,” and, as you know,
it works well most of the time. Sometimes works astonishingly well.

Pick up a script, or even a newspaper article.
Read a few lines or a paragraph.
Get the common sense of it.
Now, speak it aloud and make the opposite point.
Send the opposite intention.

After having fun with it, ask yourself if it works.
Sometimes it will make a mess of the scene,
or contradict the Breakdown. In that case finesse or discard it.
But maybe it lights up the scene…
And even if it doesn’t, you’re building a habit of creative play
and having a really good time.

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