The Reward of the Work…

The reward of the work is what we become

Often when meeting men and women my own age who are not artists, I’m struck by how unimaginative they are. Their humor is often corny. Their insights shallow or cliche.

But why am I surprised? They haven’t lived in their imaginations. They haven’t been thinking deeply about the films they see. They haven’t been reading widely.

These men and women are often wealthy from success in their careers, but poor in their outlook on life.

Actors imagine other lives. Deeply consider circumstances other than their own. Look under the surface of what they read and watch.

When walking down the street,
Look for the homeliest person in sight.
Got one? Now, realize they’re protecting a soul
the same as yours. Imagine you’re looking at the world
through those eyes, with that face and body.
Love yourself as them.

Think about:
Someone entirely different from you.
The opposite of your politics.
The opposite of your life-style.
Now love them.
Take a breath and imagine the air
filling that person
with that life, that outlook.
Relax. You won’t switch sides.

But you will have more compassion.

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