Creating Immediacy with the Actual and Imaginary

Mix the Actual with the Imaginary

Mix the Actual with the Imaginary

Keep coaching yourself to confront what’s here in the moment.

As actors, we mix the Actual with the Imaginary. We look at the other actor, who is an actual person, but we imagine that they have the intention of harming us, or seducing us. If I kiss her, I enjoy the actual lips of the actress, but imagine that she has the power to arrest me. I drink an actual glass of water, but imagine that it’s wine. I shift in the comfort of an actual chair, but imagine that I haven’t slept for days.

Supply the Here-and-Now with details and react to them. Have the sense that all these Imaginary Objects are popping up in the actual present.

React to suppositions, problems, meaning, memories, information and signals from your partner.

Shifting my attention from the Actual to the Imaginary can help pull the Imaginary Circumstances into the present tense. This gives me a sense of Immediacy.

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