The emotion that drives the scene. It creates a forward momentum, under the dialogue and Cover Behavior.

The Intuition Zone

Artists seek a More Interesting Life

We’re all seeking a more interesting life.

As actors, we have a unique opportunity to develop our inner life through our imagination, artistry and focus.

We’re about to launch a new training opportunity at the Studio: an ongoing online course called “The Intuition Zone.”

You’ll get to hear how other artists and creative spirits are digging in,

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Mature Interpretation

Good acting comes from the application of technique. Mature acting comes from the way we think about the script. The way we extrapolate from it. Combining it with our own understanding of life. Mature Interpretation is a result of who we have become as people.

We see plenty of strong actors, with fluent emotional instruments, who give good performances,

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“Taking the Bait”

When we find reasons in the text to disempower our character, we “take the bait.”  Remember: the writer has given the character problems to bring out his or her deeper resources.  Intelligence, humor, perseverance, charm, sexuality and courage. Most of all courage.  And, of course, this applies to life as well.  Our problems can bring out our own deeper resources. 

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