Creating Immediacy with the Actual and Imaginary

Keep coaching yourself to confront what’s here in the moment.

As actors, we mix the Actual with the Imaginary. We look at the other actor, who is an actual person, but we imagine that they have the intention of harming us, or seducing us. If I kiss her, I enjoy the actual lips of the actress, but imagine that she has the power to arrest me.

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Light a Fire

You don’t go back to school anymore, but September still feels like a time to get busy.

So take advantage of the feeling.

Take a minute to reconnect with the big picture.  The project that is your life.  Your acting.  And your longing to be among the best. Write an email to yourself with new thoughts about what you really like in your work. 

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Welcome to the New Site


We’ve updated the Studio site so that we can share more with you:

  • a gallery to congratulate our clients who are working (support your fellow actors and see their work!)
  • easily accessible maps and contact information for when you’re mobile
  • an opportunity to sign up for our free ongoing,

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